Big Bang Show 2021


  • Explanation of Match Races. Have you been wondering what a match race is, how it’s run and why people are so excited about the match races? Hopefully this will help you understand how we run them, who qualifies and who wins the prize money (bidders and riders).
  • Diagram of Arenas – Gates – Patterns. This will show you, step-by-step, which patterns will happen for which divisions in which arena and on which day. It’s more specific info than you may need, but we’re sharing it in case it’s helpful.
  • Time Writing Video & Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet. Check out our new video tutorial on time-writing. The video is short and sweet. Also, if you’re planning to ride in any FC division or the two oldest A divisions, please ask your friends and/or family to sign up here to volunteer! Our goal is to have volunteers signed up 100% before the show begins. Thank you!
  • AAA+ Rides. We are anticipating AAA+ times and want to encourage those riders to give their best vs. trying to slow their horses to stay in AAA. We have ordered AAA+ buckles AND, if you get four or more AAA+ times, you will be placed in AAA+ and could win a saddle for that division.
  • Rider Order. Rider order will be posted in front of the Show Secretary desk at the beginning of the show. Please get to know who rides before you, so you can be at the gate promptly. While we don’t want to have to enforce gate call-time rules, we do want to have a fast and efficient show.
  • Dress Code. Please review the CGA dress code if you are unfamiliar with it. We’ve been seeing some rolled-up sleeves at shows recently and would like to remind riders this isn’t part of the code.
  • Dog Races & Kickball. There will be Dog Races on Friday and a Kickball Game Saturday night after the match races. Apparently, this is becoming a thing and people enjoy playing kickball in the dark. Contact Avielle at (714) 914-9058 if you’d like more information.
  • Party Barn. Remember that our Party Barn will be on Sunday night. We will also have an area set up for mingling on Saturday night, but the Barn will be used for a wedding Saturday night.
  • Prizes. Prizes now go to 8th place. Maybe 9th–Bob is award-crazy and is working on it.
  • Ribbon Races. The Ribbon Races will happen Friday night (Arena 1) and Saturday afternoon approximately one hour after events have completed (Arena 3). PLEASE REGISTER FOR RIBBON RACES SEPARATELY HERE, even if you already indicated interest in ribbon races in your show registration.
  • Team Speed Ball Race. The 5-Person Speed Ball Races will happen Saturday afternoon, one hour after events have completed (Arena 4). This means we’ll have Ribbon and Speed Ball races happening concurrently in the back arena. YOU CAN REGISTER FOR TEAM SPEED BALL HERE.
  • Novice Races. We will ALSO have Novice Races on Saturday afternoon, one hour after events have completed, in Arena 1. This is for the top four A and top four FC riders (no division splits–just whoever is fastest among all age levels). Novice Races are like match races, but for A and FC riders. This is so more riders get an experience of match race-type fun. We will have buckles for first place.
  • Buckle Winners. We will be announcing buckle winners for events (first place for each event, each division) Saturday and Sunday just prior to match races, at approximately 5 pm.
  • Schooling Runs. We want to reiterate that there won’t be schooling runs and we ask that you not school your horses during your normal ride so that we can keep the show moving. In other words, if you knock over the first barrel in Figure 8 Flags, please don’t school your horse on the second barrel. Thank you! We’re trying to make the show smooth and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Helpers. Finally, please share this info with as many other riders as possible. And if you need help at the show, look for people wearing bright green hats, as these are our designated helpers.

Overview of the show:

  • 10 Divisions: AAA, two AA, three A, three FC and Pony (AND a AAA+ division if a rider gets four or more + times)
  • Buckles for high point in EVERY PATTERN, EVERY DIVISION
  • Saddles for overall first place in every division
  • Ribbon races and team speed ball
  • Match races Saturday & Sunday night
  • Novice match races for A and FC riders
  • Fun and games for kids and grown-ups
  • Party Barn Sunday night

Here’s some more info about the show:

Here’s a list of riders currently registered (updated every 2-3 days). If you registered and are not on this list or need to make a change, please contact Riders are alphabetized by first name within their division and you need to scroll within the window to see the full list.

Here’s a list of teams registered for the RIBBON RACE:

Here’s a list of teams registered for the TEAM SPEED BALL EVENT:

Thank you to our sponsors!

Saddle Sponsors (in alphabetical order):

  • Alternative Legacy Planning (Papa Paul and Grammar Teri)
  • BentonWebs (Todd and Christine Benton)
  • Bob Cranor
  • Brittney Burns
  • Carrie Cave
  • Jeni Thompson
  • Joseph Manrique
  • Josh Mativa
  • McKillican Chiropractic and Temeku Equine, Inc.
  • Sundance Hills Equestrian Center

Buckle Sponsors (in alphabetical order):

  • Diane Price-Tuma (1)
  • IMS Sara Sloan (3)
  • Jeni Thompson (1)
  • Michelle Easel (4)
  • Sandra Lyon (1)

If you’d like to sponsor, please contact Bob Cranor at Saddle sponsorship is $600 and includes one free registration to the Big Bang Show. Buckle sponsorships are $69.

Thanks and see you at the show!