AAA+ Times Achieved                                                    

                                                                                                                                                          Kasinda Thompson/Willow                            

        Birangle          Time = 13.995   AAA+                                                        

        Hurry Scurry      Time =  9.586   AAA+  


Bob Cranor/Itsa Joy To Travel                   

        Poles I           Time = 10.732


Daniella Lombardo/Zippity-Doo-Dah            

        Hurry Scurry      Time =  9.723   AAA+                                                                               



Placings for AAA Horse                                                        


 1st    AAA  Daniella Lombardo/Zippity-Doo-Dah                    


 2nd    AAA  Bob Cranor/Itsa Joy To Travel                         


 3rd    AAA  Sadie Tabesh/Faith N' Dreams                         


 4th    AAA  Morgan Ohlund/Fizzle                                                          


 5th    AAA  Rylee Galvan/Dallas                               



Placings for AA Horse 15/under                                                


 1st    AA   Peyton Russell/Bella Be A Beauty                   


 2nd    A    Paige Worthley/Pop Tart                            


 3rd    AA   Rory Bailey/Rahitti                                


 4th    A    Christopher Cannon/Midnight                        


 5th    AA   Natalia Sinai/Luke                                 



Placings for AA Horse 16-99                                                    


 1st    AA   Jessica Parks/Sloan                                


 2nd    AA   Sandra Canfield/Sinasioux                          


 3rd    AA   Shannon Cannon/Dusty                               


 4th    AA   Charla Cranor/Just My Luck                                                                                                        







Placings for A Horse 15/under                                                 


 1st    A    Chelsi Redin/Sweet Thing                           


 2nd    FC   Sophia Beckett/Soldier                             


 3rd    A    Mackenzie Chenal/Paris                             


 4th    FC   Cody Cannon/Little Lady                            


 5th    A    Reagan Walsh/Once Ina Blue Moon                    



Placings for A Horse 16-99                                                    


 1st    A    Lorelei Lehman/Catalina                            


 2nd    A    Zack Tetzlaff/Sage                                 


 3rd    FC   Victoria Spada/Romeo                               


 4th    FC   Richard Tanaka/Lucky                               



Placings for FC Horse 15/under                                                


 1st    FC   Daniella Lombardo/Miss Doodlebugs                  


 2nd    FC   Kassia Rhoades/Fergie                              


 3rd    FC   Makana Boger/Reifur                                



Placings for FC Horse 16-99                                                   


 1st    FC   Raven Araujo-Ohlund/Thunder                        


 2nd    FC   Sandra Lyon/Blue                                   


 3rd    FC   Jeni Thompson/Texas Ranger                         



Placings for LL Horse                                                          


 1st  LL   Kaylie Robles/Kaylie                                Points:55