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Vallecitos CGA District 33

Two New Multi-Day Shows ... Do Not Miss Out!

Attention riders: We have 2 exciting multi-district shows coming up and you all are invited. Since CGA State Show and CGA Southern Classic Shows have been cancelled, we have organized 2 fun filled shows to replace them.
On Memorial Day Weekend join us in Temecula at CRC for the Red, White and Buckle show . We will be awarding buckles to 1st and 2nd place as well as awards through 5th place. Please register on line by April 15th so we can split the divisions properly.  The more of you that signs up prior to April 15 the more divisions we can have and more awards,  So sign up and make this the biggest show of the year!!.  See Flyer button below. We have added a ribbon race and will be doing setups on the Friday May 28th.
Divisions Red White and Buckle
Pony..... Yes Pony 
AA split 2 divisions
A Split 2 divisions
FC Split 2 divisions
On the 3rd weekend of July join us in Temecula at CRC Ranch for the Big Bang Show . We will be awarding saddles to the high point winners as well as buckles to ALL first place riders in every event. We will also be have Match Races at night in 4 events. Match Races are a fun part of State Show and we want to bring that fun and excitement to the Big Bang Show . If you have never been to CGA State Show then this will be an opportunity to see some of the fun events we enjoy each year at State. The flyer for the Big Bang Show is down loadable send it to friends. Sign up online before June 1st so we can make the proper division splits.
One of the best parts of riding in multi-district shows is that you get to meet riders from other districts and make new friends. The best way to spend time together is to camp. We are encouraging as many campers as possible so please secure your camping and stall reservations by contacting CRC Ranch: To reserve Stalls or RV camping contact Nilson using Text message at 971-732-4691
For Vspurs members the May 2 day show (May 29-30 ) will count for yearend qualifications for number of show attended but no points will count.
Also do forget if a Rider gets someone to donate a Saddle that rider will ride Big BANG  show for FREE! Please use our on line registration to minimize in office activities

March  Show  had 64 riders and was a very fun show thank you all for coming 

State Scholarships are going to be canceled this year because the sate show was cancelled for 2021.

 Bump ups from the March 7 show.

  • Carie Cave/Tango  A to AA 16 and older
  •  Cindi Gereaux/French Man  A to AA 16 and older
  • Josie Girling/Lola  A to AA 15 and under
  • Krystal Saenz/Anjulique FC to  A 16 and older
  • Sofie Tabesh/Paris FC to A 15 and under
  • Cecilia Villanueva/Cupid AA 15 and under to AAA
  • Jose Villanueva/Fantom A to AA 15 and under

Bump ups from the April 11 show.

  • Maureen Hall/Soul on Fire from FC 16-99 to A 16-99
  • Daniella Lombardo/Pop-Tart FC-16-99 to A 16-99
California Ranch Company
34520 De Portola Road
Temecula, CA 92592

To reserve Stalls or RV camping contact Nilson using Text message at 971-732-4691

Next show is April 11 at the California Ranch Company ranch (CRC) in Temecula

  • Speed Ball
  • Single Stake
  • Figure 8 Stake
  • Quadrangle
  • Figure 8 Flags
  • Poles II
  • JACK POTS 2 Mysery Jack Pots


Show Season 2020 - 2021 has Started but Walnut Grove  remains closed to shows our next  5 shows will be at CRC Ranch.   Please continue to monitor this page as we make decisions  we will post them on this Site and Face Book

Welcome back to the V-Spurs information center!!!! We have made several changes to the web pages and hope you can take advantage of them. Thanks to all of our awesome V-Spurs riders and families for making the last year show so good! We also had lots of new members.  All had a great time thanks to all for your support.

   🙂 Come join us  May 2  at the CRC Ranch