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Vallecitos CGA District 33

  End of the year standing are posted under reports.



Next show  is June 28

  • Barrels
    Speed Barrels
    Single Stake
    Figure 8 Stake
    Figure 8 Flags
    Poles 1



  • JACK POTS   2 Mysery Jack Pots


Show Season 2019 - 2020 has started first show was a success 2 day show was a BIG suscess thanks all for coming out What a great weeknd 


Welcome back to the V-Spurs information center!!!! We have made several changes to the web pages and hope you can take advantage of them. Thanks to all of our awesome V-Spurs riders and families for making the last year show so good! We also had lots of new members.  All had a great time thanks to all for your support.


The June 14 show has be canceled due to the Park being closed.  Hoping to have our next show June 28 🙂


 Thank you all  for coming and having fun 

  🙂 Come join us in June! 

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