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Vallecitos CGA District 33

Our next show will be at the CRC ranch in Temecula. Please use our on line registration to minimize in office activities

Jan  Show  had 51 riders and was a very fun show thank you all for coming 

State Scholarships:  If you are interested in State Show Scholarship please contact one of the Vspurs Board member for more information

 At the end of  March 6 show will be the cutoff for scholarship applications for the state show this year. They will need to submit something in writing either in person or via e-mail to Lori or Bob. We will then discuss the applicants at the March Board Meeting. Lori will announce this at the next rider meeting and it will be posted on the website and Facebook as well.

 Bump ups from the Nov 22 show.

  • Allison Cave  -  AA 16-99
  • Jordan Chenal  - AA under 15
  • Machenzie Chenal  - AA under 15
  • Katie Hall  -  AA under 15
  • Madeline Hall  - A under 15
  • Kasinda   - AA 16-99

Bump ups from the Jan 3 show.

  • Rory Bailey on Malibu -  A under 15
California Ranch Company
34520 De Portola Road
Temecula, CA 92592

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Next show  is Feb 14 at the California Ranch Company ranch (CRC) in Temecula 

Hurry Scurry
Single Stake
Figure 8 Stake
Figure 8 Flags
Poles II



  • JACK POTS   2 Mysery Jack Pots


The theme For the Feb 14 show will be wear Red and have fun 🙂

Show Season 2020 - 2021 has Started but Walnut Grove  remains closed to shows our next  5 shows will be at CRC Ranch.   Please continue to monitor this page as we make decisions  we will post them on this Site and Face Book


Welcome back to the V-Spurs information center!!!! We have made several changes to the web pages and hope you can take advantage of them. Thanks to all of our awesome V-Spurs riders and families for making the last year show so good! We also had lots of new members.  All had a great time thanks to all for your support.


   🙂 Come join us  Feb 14 at the CRC Ranch

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